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How To Be Sure Your Wedding Day Lives Up To Your Dreams!

5 Critical Secrets Revealed Below.


Dear Bride To Be,

Thanks for visiting. I want this to be the most helpful website for planning your wedding you have ever gone to.  So below I have put together the most important factors you need to consider when selecting your wedding photographer, even if you hire someone else.  I want you to know these "secrets" because the more informed you are, the better decisions you will make and the less likely you will have any wedding day disasters. I want your wedding to be wonderful, fun and totally enjoyed by you and your guests. 

Dear Paul,

“Kara & I wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you were available to photograph our wedding. Before the wedding, a few relatives asked who our photographer would be. When we told them that it would be you, the same person who photographed her sister Kaloni’s wedding last year, everyone was very excited as everyone loved your work! Your talent and joy in taking quality photographs is very evident!

Kara and I truly appreciate how you not only captured each facet of our event, but more importantly all the emotions and atmosphere that made our wedding so special to us. Thank You for capturing each moment for us as a lasting memory!”

Georg & Kara Freitag, Crestline, CA

How To Have The Romantic Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!
Whether you are having your event at the Lake Arrowhead Resort, Pine Rose Cabins, San Moritz Lodge, Arrowhead Springs Hotel or any other venue in Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear or the Inland Empire, you want your wedding to be a wonderfully romantic day. You want to have everything go smoothly and perfectly. You want to have a great time. You want to see all your guests, and have them also have a fun time. Well, here's how to do it:
Here's 5 Secrets To Having The Wedding Of Your Dreams!

SECRET #1: How To Guarantee Your Wedding Lives Up To Your Dreams.
Believe it or not, the photographer you select to photograph your wedding can make or break your wedding day. Yes, I kid you not, your wedding day - not just your photographs! Why? Because he or she's THERE - with you and your family, in person - interacting with all your family and guests - and representing you every minute.

Now, HONESTLY, we’re not just talking about photography here - we're talking about YOUR WEDDING - how YOU FEEL on your wedding day, and how smoothly and romantically everything goes. You see, your photographer determines this, by the way they help you plan your wedding, the way they treat you and your loved ones, and the way they conducts themselves throughout the day.

Critical Secret Revealed - What Other Wedding Photographers Don't Want You To Know!
So here's the secret: Meet the photographer - IN PERSON - before you hire anyone to photograph your wedding! Most brides don't realize that many studios hire part time photographers to cover multiple weddings a day for them. This means that you may go to a studio, talk with a salesperson, look at their samples, and make a decision - without really knowing who will be photographing your wedding!  And if it's not just the right person doing the photography, and interacting with all your family and guests, everything can be ruined!

So, when you're talking with a potential studio, ask them the following questions:
1. Who did these photographs you are showing me?
2. Who, by name, will be photographing our wedding if we hire your studio?
3. We want to MEET this person, BEFORE we hire your studio.

Then, when you meet this person, ask him or her the following questions:
1. Did you do ALL the wedding photography we saw in the sample books? If not, show us YOUR work, please.
2. How long have you been photographing weddings?
3. Before you leave our wedding, do you check first to see if there's anything else we would like you to do?
Then, decide if you REALLY LIKE HIM or HER, as well as their work! Because he's going to be spending a lot of time with you and your family and friends, on your important day.

I bring 20+ years of wedding experience to your event.  I'll be at your wedding until you have nothing else for me to do. I won't leave your wedding without checking with you first!

SECRET #2: Announcing The Single Most Important 'Secret' You MUST Know About Weddings!

Here's a really big "secret" that almost no brides think about when interviewing a potential photographer: What's their guarantee? What happens if you aren't happy with the photography, or the way you and your friends were treated, or if the photographer left your wedding before he was supposed to, etc.

This is of the utmost importance! The guarantee tells you just how committed they are going to be in taking good care of you, and doing a great job.

And, just so you know, here's our IRON CLAD, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:
You will LOVE (not just be 'satisfied' with) your photographs, or we will do whatever necessary to have you LOVE them, or we will return ALL YOUR MONEY. Period. Just tell us when you first view your wedding images if you're disappointed in any way, and we'll make it right!  We want you to LOVE everything we do for you!

You see, we understand that you can't do this over again. This is a "one-time-thing" and everything MUST be perfect! You have our guarantee that we'll take really good care of you!

“Thank you , Paul, I’m so glad we found you!  You were so fun and creative to work with. Your web site explains your passion for photography and it shows in our photos and album, which I truly cherish.  Everyone who’s seen our album raved over it, they all thought we were actually driving the motorcycle because of the way you made it look like we were moving. We’ve already recommended you to another couple.”

Traci & Chris Rayner
Redlands, CA


One of the things that you really want to look for in your photographer, is someone who is a STORY TELLER. An artistic photographer whose images combine to tell the EMOTIONAL STORY of your family, your friends, and your wedding day. This is really important, if you are looking for photographs which will be PRICELESS to you for years and years to come!

Here's why this is so important: If an artist is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, there's a really good chance that they will be sensitive to NOT INTERFERING WITH THE EMOTIONAL, ROMANTIC FLOW OF YOUR DAY!

We could tell you so many horror stories here that we've heard over the years about rude, insensitive photographers who have ruined the loving, romantic atmosphere of the wedding. Or others who have acted like  egotistical directors of a movie set and everyone else were "extras" to be bossed around. (In my opinion, people with attitudes and personalities like that should not be in the wedding business at all!!)

But our purpose here is to help you be sensitive to the all important attitude and personality of photographers you talk to. Are they sincerely interested in helping you have a relaxed, smooth running day that you can really enjoy? Will they take the time to help you plan a nice flow of events so there’s plenty of time to photographically capture the day as it unfolds with all its rich emotion and splendor?

We consider this planning time an integral, critical part of my job with each couple. and is the key factor in having a relaxed, smooth running event. I love to catch the romance, fun and close relationships of your families. But I can’t do that if its not happening because of the stress and rush that results from a lack of planning. So you see,  we have a BIG incentive to help you in any way I can because it will help us to do a much better job of creating outstanding photographs for you!


"Paul did an incredible job getting to know our personalities and incorporating them into our photographs and ultimately our albums.  He really captured the beauty, fun and 'feel' of our wedding. The quality of our album and the parent albums exceeded our expectations.  Everyone who has seen them says they are the most beautiful albums they have ever seen.

Thank You, Paul, for taking such good care of us and making this a very special experience!  We now consider you a friend!"

Austin and Laura Grissom, Pomona, CA

SECRET #4: The Truth About Wedding Photographers Revealed. What They Don't Want Me To Tell You!  This is a "biggie."

Many photographers will cram as many weddings into a day as they can. Often this means they must rush from your wedding, to get to another, or arrive (maybe late) at your wedding tired and stressed from an earlier event.

This type of photographer just isn't going to be able to capture the ROMANCE, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS between you and your husband and also between you and your family and friends. They just won't have the sensitivity and enthusiasm and love for what they do to be able to capture those feelings. And they won't have the time or energy to do anything but an 'adequate' job at best.

By the way, I ONLY photograph ONE wedding per day.
You'll have me for as long as we determine you will need me. I understand how important this day is to you, and you'll be my #1 priority for that day!

This also means that I'm rested, energetic and enthusiastic about what I will be doing for you.  And since I only photograph one wedding a day, I'm not tired or burned out when I arrive.



"We’ve had four friends whose weddings were ruined by hired photographers who claimed to be “professional” but their conduct and photos turned out to be anything but!

So we were apprehensive about finding a good photographer for our own wedding until we met with Paul Bormann. Not only was he professional, kind, and knowledgeable-- he catered to our constantly changing minds and ideas! Paul is the best photographer we have ever met, and we would recommend him to anyone who wants worry-free wedding photography. He provides high-quality albums, great prints, phenomenal customer service, and he truly knows how to make your wedding picture perfect!"

 Zachary and Nichole Pool, Lancaster, CA


SECRET #5: How To Be The Most Beautiful Bride Your Friends Or Relatives Have Ever Seen!

You deserve to have a wedding day where you are the most beautiful bride any of your friends or relatives have ever seen. That's the dream of every girl when she begins visualizing her wedding day. And you deserve to have that!

Let's see to it that is exactly what happens. How? Simple. Yes, you will select the perfect dress, headpiece and flowers and have your hair and make up done. But it goes much deeper than that.

Beauty is also in the way you FEEL on your wedding day. The way your emotions show on your face, and the way you glow when you walk down the aisle and look in the eyes of the love of your life.

You see, if you, your husband and your family and guests are all having a wonderful time, there will be no tension there to cloud how beautiful you look. And, by the way, your photographs will be WONDERFUL, too, because you looked so wonderful and were having such a great time.

The time we spend with you before the wedding planning your day is the critical key to all this. That’s how we make sure there is adequate time planned for the photography and everything else that will be happening. It’s something precious few other photographers are willing to invest the time to do. But we know how vitally important planning is to a wedding day and helping you be relaxed, beautiful and enjoying every moment of your day rather than feeling stressed out & up tight. Whatever emotion you are feeling, it will show in your photographs!

See how it all "fits together" to result in a wonderful day, and wonderful photographs? You really can't separate them!

Oh, if you ever talk with a photographer who says this to you, run away as fast as you can!

If he or she says, "Your photographs are all you will have after the wedding is over. Your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, etc. - all you'll have are your photographs! They are the most important thing about your wedding!" - then they're NOT the photographers for you!

Why not? Because if he says that, he has a completely false impression of his importance, and will try to run your day and take charge of everything and everyone! (See Zach & Nichole Pool testimony above) Don't let that happen! Because the photographs ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - the romance, emotions and relationships with family & friends are the most important things!  Your photos won't matter much if they only remind you of a rushed, stressed out day that was a huge disappointment to you.

In my humble opinion, the tender fabric of your life is sewn together with beautiful, emotional moments between you and your loved ones, and I want to capture and express all those wonderful moments for you in your wedding photos & album - and accomplish this without interfering with the emotions and romance of your wedding day.

Wedding Prices:

If you feel a resonance with some or all of the above information and philosophy, the big question you are probably asking yourself right about now is, "This all sounds really good, but can I afford this guy?"

The short answer is "Yes!"  You're not likely to find another photographer who is more flexible and willing to work with you financially to help you have the wedding of your dreams than we are.

Each couple is unique with varying needs, preferences and priorities.  Rather than just offering a selections of preset boxes (packages), I believe in a custom approach to designing a package that is right for you, which is why it is important for us to get together.  Then I can learn the things that are important to you, determine the amount of time that will be needed and then make some recommendations.

Here are some basic pricing guidelines:  We have both wedding packages with albums included and Ala Carte plans, where you may simply purchase some or all of your images, without using our album design service.  However, once we have created a wonderful set of images, we can always create an album for you later when finances allow if you like.

For near term events less than three months away or weekday weddings:

Ala Carte options start at only $900 with three hours of photography (which is our minimum time requirement for weekend events May- October). This can either include all your hi res digital images on DVD or half that amount ($450) as a credit toward prints or an album. 

Wedding Packages with flush mount digitally mastered albums start at $1795 with four hours of photography

Here's What To Do Right Now!
Here's what I strongly recommend you do IMMEDIATELY! Pick up the phone and call me right now at
(909) 337-1468

Ask us if we still have your wedding date available. Here's the problem - because we are so well known and respected in the community, and we photograph only one wedding a day, it is very possible that we will have other brides considering us for the same date or even already be booked for your day.  Many of the local venues we have worked with and are referred by so often like Pine Rose Cabins,  Lake Arrowhead Resort, etc, book up very early, so we do, too.

So DO NOT WAIT EVEN ONE DAY ON THIS! If you agreed with and liked anything in this letter, call us NOW. Let's see if your date is still available, and then, if and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to get together in person and talk about your wedding. That’s when we'll learn the things that are most important to you about your wedding, the style of photography you prefer, creative ideas you may have, and the many other details of your day that will help me suggest the best photography plan for you. I expect to take this time with you to be able to design a custom plan that will be just right for you. There is no charge or obligation for this, either. So call now, tomorrow could be one day too late!


Yours truly,
Paul Bormann
Professional Wedding Photographer