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How to be Guaranteed you have Awesome Looking Senior Portraits!


Thanks for visiting my web site.  The fact that you have come here in search of a true Professional Photographer to create your Senior Portraits tells me at least one three probabilities about you:

1. You had your portraits taken by the school photographer and you are disappointed (or worse!) with the results.

2. You want something very special for your Senior Portraits that shows your personality and you know you’re not likely to get it from the school's fast moving assembly line approach used to photograph all your classmates in as short a time as possible.

3. You have friends that had their Senior Portraits created by us and have seen first hand how great they came out. Or you just viewed many of your schoolmates on our Graduating Senior Gallery and are beginning to get excited about the possibilities.

In any case, you have come to the right place because we LOVE photographing seniors. They give us the opportunity to exercise the most creativity in their sessions than anything else we do, which makes if really fun for everyone!

First, we need to clear up some confusion, and there is

Good News and Bad News

Good News: You do have a choice of who you have create the Senior Portraits that you will be giving to all your friends and relatives.

Bad News: Unfortunately, the school photographer has been given exclusive rights that only their photographs will be allowed in the yearbook, so you will have to endure their rushed, impersonal session to be in the year book.

Good News: You don’t have to purchase any of their ‘cookie cutter’ type pictures to give to family & friends because when you come to us, you’ll have plenty of really fantastic portraits you’ll be proud to give out!


Below are 3 Secrets Almost No High School Seniors Know,

That You Can Use to Make Certain

You Look Fantastic in your Senior Portraits!


Don’t let this Disaster happen to you

This is a true story:

A mother of a senior called me to schedule a session for her son.  It was late fall and she told me that her son had his portraits done by the school photographer and that they had turned out terrible.  “They didn’t ever look like him!” she said with a sad laugh.  She complained enough that the studio agreed to a re-shoot but her son had to drive all the way to Rancho Cucamonga for it.

Over a month later they finally received the proof from the second session and were still totally dissatisfied with them.  “They just did the same thing all over again.” She said.  “They’ve laid on my table for three weeks and I can’t find one that I like!  They’re just horrible.” She told me that I had photographed several of her son’s friends and that “their portraits were beautiful!”  I met with her and her son to find out exactly what they wanted for his session.  As a result, I did his portraits and they were thrilled.  So…

How do You Avoid This Disaster at Your Senior Portrait Session?

That’s Secret #1

I know this sounds really basic, but it is critical:

Select the Right Photographer!  And I don’t just mean that he or she takes good photographs.  There is much more to it than that!  You want someone who is passionate and motivated to do an outstanding job for you and that has plenty of samples of other High School Seniors they have photographed to prove it.

The key here is that we are going to meet with you before the photography session and we are going to help you with suggestions about clothing, hair, etc. that will help you look your best for your session. (see Secret #2 below)

An Important Warning!

Most people are not comfortable in front of a camera, so the photographer has to treat you with a lot of care and respect, otherwise you get nervous and that shows in your photographs.  So by meeting with us ahead of time, you’ll see how nice we are and how we are going to take care of you and help you relax and look your best.

The warning is: Be sure to meet the photographer before you have your portraits done!  Can you see how important this one person is in creating your senior portraits?  Do you like them?  Will they pay close attention to hair, lighting, background and pose so everything is just right so you look your best?

In my opinion, these portraits are the most important photographs you’ll ever have taken in your entire lifetime.  Why?  It’s a fact: more people are going to see them than any other photograph you will ever have taken.  And the real tragedy is that most photographers are not willing to spend the time with their clients to help them look really good.


Be Sure You Don’t Miss Secret #2:

Not knowing this secret has ruined more portraits than anything else.  Here it is:

The Clothing you wear can make up to a 44 pound difference in how you look!  It can either add 22 pounds or subtract 22 pounds for a total of 44 pounds difference in how you look in your portrait.  So be sure you are wearing the right “portrait clothing”.

What we are going to do is set up a time to get together to talk and have you bring some of your favorite outfits.  We’ll talk about them and give you an idea what would photograph best and what wouldn’t. You see, the way clothing looks on a moving, three-dimensional person is a lot different than it looks in a still, two-dimensional photograph.

Wearing wrong clothing has ruined more senior portraits than anything else.  But we are not going to let that happen to you!  We’re going to take really good care of you every step of the way.


Secret #3 is More Important Than You Would Ever Imagine.

Be sure you select a photographer who has an iron clad GUARANTEE!  This is very important because it shows how much confidence they have in what they are doing.

Our Guarantee to you is this: You will love (not just be “satisfied” with) your photographs or we will do whatever it takes to make you love them or we will give you all your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings.  If we can’t make you totally happy, we don’t deserve your money.  It’s that simple.  And you’ll be happy with how smoothly your session went and how you were treated beginning to end of our working together.

Most importantly, I’m not leaving town when I’m done creating your portraits like the school photographer will.  I’ve lived here in the mountains for 40 years.  I met my wife here. We raised our family here and both our kids, Abby & Jon, went to Rim Hi.  I make my living in this community as the premier full time, full service professional photographer for the last 20 years so I can’t afford to have any unhappy clients saying anything negative about their experience working with me.  That would put me out of business fast, so my constant goal is totally happy clients!


At this point you may be wondering if you can afford this level of personalized photography and service.  You’ll be relieved to know we are surprisingly affordable.

Since closing my studio in Blue Jay, all sessions are now outdoors or at your home. Session fees are $98 for one location or $139 for two locations. BUT, since you're still reading, that tells me you are someone who wants great, creative Senior Portraits and is willing to spend some time to find the right photographer to do something special– just the kind of person we are here to serve!  So, just mention this special discount code: "SR$20 off" when you first call, and I'll take $20 off your session fee!

We have five discounted packages starting at only $329 or you may order Ala Carte and create your own package of just what you want.  We have no minimum order and no sales pressure, either!  We do have payment plans with no interest if you need to spread your payments out over several paychecks. 

What to do Right Now:

Pick up your phone and call us at 909-337-1468.  Even if it is after hours, just leave a message that you are interested in talking about Senior Portraits and let us know the best time to call you back.  We’ll answer all your questions and if you then want to take the next step, we can set up a time to get together for a no cost, no obligation consultation where ever is convenient, like Hot Shots in Blue Jay and go over the things mentioned in Secret #1 above.

Then, and only if you are completely comfortable and convinced we can do everything we say we can, we’ll set up a time for your private, individual session.  We do encourage you to bring a parent or BFF to your session, someone you feel comfortable with that can be an extra set of eyes to make sure you look your best.

BTW, we do allow buddy shots with a friend during your sessions, which are free if you are both having your Senior Portraits created by us.  Otherwise, there is a small $15 fee for this addition to your session.

So take the next step toward having fantastic portraits your friends will be jealous of and call us now-we're local! 337-1468

P.S. Our busiest time is July – Oct. so if you’re reading this in one of those months, call early for best availability of dates that will fit your schedule.